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More Harvest Love promotion

by Yasmin/September 30, 2017/No Comments

Jen Lilley posted videos of her and Ryan rehearsing their dance scene from the movie, as well as a clip of them talking about what it’s like working with each other.

Promoting ‘Harvest Love’ on Extra

by Yasmin/September 29, 2017/No Comments

Ryan popped up on Extra! to promote Harvest Love.

Home & Family

by Yasmin/September 27, 2017/No Comments

Here’s the clips of Ryan’s appearance on Hallmark’s Home & Family today.

Hallmark Facebook Live

by Yasmin/September 25, 2017/No Comments

Ryan did a short Facebook Live session with Hallmark to talk about ‘Harvest Love’. Catch it below.

Happy birthday Ryan

by Yasmin/September 24, 2017/No Comments

Ryan turns 33 today. Happy birthday, Ryan!