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Matching Hearts

by Yasmin/January 18, 2020/No Comments

Ryan’s newest movie “Matching Hearts” airs February 8th as part of Hallmark Channel’s “Love Ever After” event.

Julia Palmer (Cole) is a professional matchmaker in Portland, Oregon who is trying to convince Daniel (Paevey), the handsome newcomer to town known as “Mr. Stay Single,” to sign up for their matchmaking services. Landing him as a client would be a big feather in her cap and her chance to take the reins at the firm. While working with Daniel, who reluctantly agrees to be matched, Julia begins to develop feelings for him.

Because he’s a client, however, she must stay professional and suppress them. At their annual Valentine’s Day party, Daniel attends with a matched date and Julia struggles to show excitement as she’s secretly retaken the compatibility test with a 100% match with him. As couples dance together, Julia longs to take her own advice to not put off being happy when she receives an unforeseen career proposition and Daniel approaches her with a surprising and unexpected admission.

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