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Ryan sent us this video to thank all his fans for their support after he decided to leave General Hospital, and to announce his new Hallmark movie, “Marrying Mr. Darcy”!



(Before he left to film his upcoming Hallmark movie, Beth and Maura had a chance to catch up with Ryan about his current and upcoming projects. First up is his appearance on the ABC summer program “Battle of the Network Stars.”)
By: Maura Rose

The first thing Ryan says when Beth and I mention ABC’s “Battle of the Network Stars” is an enthusiastic, “Yeah! That was tons of fun.” Followed by, “It’s to date, maybe one of my favorite things I’ve done.”

I respond with a giddy, “Yay!”

As a fan of the original show, I was super excited when ABC announced it was coming back and even more excited when I found out Ryan was joining the cast! I love it when fandoms collide. Hearing that he loved doing it makes me ridiculously happy. My 10 year old self, who loved every second of the original show, is thrilled to know that it’s as fun as it looks. And, as a current fan of Ryan, I’m so glad he enjoyed working on it. Knowing that will make it even more fun to watch.

Every fan photo with Ryan…ever.

I ask how he got involved with the show and Ryan tells us that the network approached him to appear on the show. Unlike me, because I’m a nerdy superfan, Ryan had no idea what the show was. The original was on years before Ryan was born and faded into obscurity by the mid-80’s. And because I’m a legit dork, I refer to the show as “Must See TV before there was a Must See TV.” Even though he wasn’t familiar with the show, Ryan signed on and “had a blast.”

“It was a ton of fun. The concept of having a bunch of us get together in an athletic competition? I got to run a relay race against the guy who played Hercules on TV. Kevin Sorbo, I watched that show!”

The format of the current Battle of the Network Stars is two teams, comprised of past and present TV celebrities, competing in a series of athletic competitions to determine a winner. Each team has five members and a specific theme. Ryan was placed on the second “TV Cops” team. Also on his team were Adrian Zmed (TJ Hooker), Fred Dwyer (Hunter), Roma Maffia (Pretty Little Liars), and Marisol Nichols (NCIS & Criminal Minds.) Ryan’s TV Cops face off against the “Superheroes” team featuring Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Vinnie Jones (X-Men), Jill Wagner (Teen Wolf), and Charisma Carpenter (Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)


TV Cops

Thanks to a plethora of recently released episode stills, we know a few of the events in which Ryan participates. These include the relay race, archery, the dunk tank, and the obstacle course. I need to know which event was his favorite event and he promptly responds with the obstacle course. Beth asks the follow up question of “did he win?”

It’s a fair question, to which he replies, “I can’t tell you that.”

I have a mini tantrum about not wanting to know and choose this time to employ the no spoiler rule by insisting he not tell us anything. I want to be surprised.

“Use your imagination,” he tells us.

Waiting for someone to gif this rope swing…

In order to avoid the spoiler temptation, I change the subject to the other celebrities and ask if there was anyone he was excited to meet. While I dorked out over Fred Dwyer being on his team (I was a huge fan of his TV show when I was a teen oh so long ago), Ryan was excited to meet all of his fellow competitors, particularly Lou Ferrigno because of his own interests in weightlifting.

He also singles out Kevin Sorbo, because he watched his shows when he was younger, and Vinnie Jones, who he became friendly with during their day of competition. There was some good natured ribbing from Jones because Ryan managed to do well in most of the events he was put up for. Though there are some brief moments of competitive fire amongst the celebrities and teams, Ryan says it was they were mostly there to have fun.

I mean, is this not the most amazing photo ever?

Conversation returns to the individual events. Ryan mentions that he needs to start running more because of the relay race. He gives us a minor spoiler by telling us he had to go all out for his leg of the race just to catch up. I let that spoiler slide because I’ve seen the clip of him running in it and it’s obvious he had a hard time. It was in the first episode and fan excitement over that clip is well documented on Twitter, particularly my account.

I ask if he would do it again if it came back next year. “Absolutely,” he says without a moment’s hesitation. “I think they’re going to have to have me back too. I can’t tell you why without ruining something-”

I immediately interrupt him. “No. Nope. Don’t say it.” 

Beth makes such a good guess that I 100% believe her guess is true. But I still want to be surprised so I squash the whole conversation right away. This time, I pretty much stick my fingers in my ears and chant “la la la, I can’t hear you,” to make my point. (Well not really, but itwas darn close.)

Um, but maybe not quite like this though.

Ryan assures me he won’t say anything which is good because I absolutely don’t want him to. Like, at all. (Sorry, Beth.) Instead, he affirms that he would “love, love, love to go back.” We know that ABC dictates who is asked to be on the show but I wonder if anyone else on General Hospital would be interested or if he would recommend it to his castmates. Ryan thinks he and Matt Cohen would make a great team. I wholeheartedly concur and now I’m wishing that Ryan and Matt still shared scenes on GH.   

Before moving on to a new topic, I fangirl over the show once again. Part of what I love about the current Battle is that there’s a fun mix of current and old school celebrities. I have to quit talking because I could fangirl over Battle of the Network Stars all day. I can’t help it though. I’m excited about the show and excited to see Ryan’s episode.

Ryan ends the conversation topic exactly the way we began. “It was a great experience. To this day, one of my favorite things I’ve done. Tons of fun.” 

Ryan’s episode airs August 17th. For a fun preview, check out the photos in our gallery!



Our contributor, Maura Rose, chatted with Ryan about his growing passion for photography and Instagram.

Ryan Paevey: Capturing a Moment
By Maura Rose

It takes a special eye to see something as modest as a water droplet resting carefully on a leaf or as epic as blue ice in the mountains of Canada, and then capture those images in a photograph using just the camera on a phone. When he isn’t working at ABC’s General Hospital that is exactly what Ryan Paevey does. His Instagram account is filled with incredible pictures taken during his hiking and nature adventures, each as stunning as the one before.

But if you ask him how he decides what makes a good photo for his Instagram, he answers without guile, “I don’t even know. It surprises even me sometimes. I’ll just be walking and I’ll see something. I don’t know what; something will stop me in my tracks and I just kind of go.”

Curiosity. #lifeofadventure #fortunatewanderer #wanderlust #getoutside #macro #idontknowwhatimdoing #wingit #seedontlook

A photo posted by Ryan Paevey-Vlieger (@ryanpaeveyvlieger) on

Ryan’s Instagram is more than just average nature photos taken haphazardly by a weekend warrior. It is a compilation devoted to his adventures and the things he sees that others might miss. His love of nature and his desire to get outside is evident in what he shares with his followers. There is a unique sensibility to the collection; a sense of purpose in showing the natural world with others as he sees it.

“I’m always looking for some little bit to share from whatever that adventure was, and that usually comes in the form of pictures,” he says. “I mean it’s always kind of in my subconscious when I’m adventuring. Collect something from the trip.”

The ‘something’ is usually a photo posted after his adventure has reached its conclusion. Looking through his Instagram, the range of subjects varies from a tiny frog to a frozen waterfall. For some of his pictures, he focuses his attention on the small details, zeroing in on the finer elements in nature. In one such picture, he features the pattern formed by the bark of a tree, which bears a striking resemblance to the painting “StarryNight” by Vincent Van Gogh.

Starry night. #fortunatewanderer #lifeofadventure #wanderlust #getoutside #explore #lilith #rei1440project #macro

A photo posted by Ryan Paevey-Vlieger (@ryanpaeveyvlieger) on

In other photos, he widens his scope to a much broader view like that of a blazing sunset over the ocean as seen from the seat of his motorcycle or a lone tree in the middle of a fog shrouded lake.

As an experienced explorer, Ryan believes in adventuring respectfully, following the adage, “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.” Sharing the photos he collects during an adventure is his way of paying homage to the places he goes. He circles back to the mystery of what makes a good photo for him, adding, “I don’t know what causes me to take the pictures that I take other than that I’ll just be walking and for some reason my feet will stop moving because my eyes have seen something.”

Once something has caught his attention, he pauses to take the picture, sometimes several, before moving on to continue his adventure. There is no conscious decision to photograph, just an instinct to stop, see, and share.

He is certainly not immune to the beauty around him, though. Conversation turns to another of his photographs: a frozen lake in Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, British Columbia where he filmed the Hallmark Channel movie, “Unleashing Mr. Darcy.” The glacial lakes are known for their turquoise waters, a phenomenon caused by glacial silt and sunlight reflecting off it. The image itself is stunning. But, as Ryan confirms, it simply does not do justice to the natural beauty of the place.

“You’d be blown away honestly. Some of the pictures that I took turned out kinda cool. But you would be blown away by the image of it, being there in that moment. The pictures never do it justice; never comes close to the way it actually looked.”

Blue ice is one of the most beautiful and unique things I’ve ever seen. #lifeofadventure #neverbored #fortunatewanderer #wanderlust

A photo posted by Ryan Paevey-Vlieger (@ryanpaeveyvlieger) on

Ryan is aware of how fortunate he is to be able to spend his free time outdoors in nature and see things like the turquoise ice in British Columbia. His feelings about it may be summed up best in the hashtags he uses on Instagram. More often than not, each one of his photos is tagged with phrases like #getoutside and #seedontlook as well as #lifeofadventure and #wanderlust. But it is the recent addition of the tag #fortunatewanderer to his photos that sums up exactly how lucky he believes himself to be.

“Quite frequently when I get done adventuring with things, I feel very fortunate to have gotten to do the things that I did,” he says, discussing the unique tag. When pressed for how he came up with the phrase, he is modest to a fault. “The origins of it, truthfully I’m not sure. I think I just had a really good day one day on an adventure and I was just like, I feel really lucky that I got to do this. And that’s it. It just kind of stuck in my head.” Regardless of how it came about, the phrase suits his Instagram and him to a tee.

With a current following at nearly 79,000, Ryan’s Instagram is the focal point of his social media presence. He has a public Twitter account but freely admits that posting nature pictures on Instagram is easier than dealing with the level of scrutiny anyone with notoriety is subjected to on other platforms.

He notes, “I think where I’m at, I still fly low enough that I can still do stuff. I think as your level of notoriety increases the level of scrutiny that you’re subjected to increases.” Despite being less active on Twitter, his fans there respond enthusiastically whenever he tweets a link to a new photo, often suggesting that his talent is beyond that of an amateur. Some fans go so far as to tweet pictures of their own nature finds in response.

One kind of photo that Ryan’s followers won’t see much of on his Instagram is the selfie shot. While he isn’t afraid to let his followers into his nature world, pictures of himself are few and far between.
“I hate pictures of myself. I’m super self critical. I’m a nature guy and that’s what I choose to share. I’m not a selfie guy. I’m not going to sit there and stare into my phone taking pictures of my face.” That might be a slight disappointment to some of his fans, but he more than makes up for it as he documents his adventures.

Through his photography, Ryan has allowed his followers a small glimpse into his free time as he adventures. Wherever he goes, whether it’s to Canada to film a movie or the Caribbean on vacation or simply a mountain in his backyard, he manages to collect a memory captured in a photo to share. Ryan’s professional life is in front of a camera with the lens focused on him as he acts in a pretend world. His Instagram account allows him to turn the lens away from himself and spotlight how lucky he is to be able to adventure and do the things that he does. Sharing with his fans might just be his way of paying the Universe back for his good fortune.

Follow Ryan’s adventures on Instagram at @ryanpaeveyvlieger and on Twitter at @RyanPaevey
RyanPaevey.net can be found on Twitter at @RyanPaeveyNet
Maura Rose can be found on Twitter @MauraRose