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“Matching Hearts” preview

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Here’s the promo for “Matching Hearts” which you can catch on Hallmark Channel February 8th at 9 PM EST.

Tune in to Hallmark Channel tonight, January 25th at 11 pm EST, to catch more scenes from the upcoming movie during the Love Ever After preview special.

On location of Matching Hearts

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Matching Hearts

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Ryan’s newest movie “Matching Hearts” airs February 8th as part of Hallmark Channel’s “Love Ever After” event.

Julia Palmer (Cole) is a professional matchmaker in Portland, Oregon who is trying to convince Daniel (Paevey), the handsome newcomer to town known as “Mr. Stay Single,” to sign up for their matchmaking services. Landing him as a client would be a big feather in her cap and her chance to take the reins at the firm. While working with Daniel, who reluctantly agrees to be matched, Julia begins to develop feelings for him.

Because he’s a client, however, she must stay professional and suppress them. At their annual Valentine’s Day party, Daniel attends with a matched date and Julia struggles to show excitement as she’s secretly retaken the compatibility test with a 100% match with him. As couples dance together, Julia longs to take her own advice to not put off being happy when she receives an unforeseen career proposition and Daniel approaches her with a surprising and unexpected admission.

“Christmas At The Plaza”

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At Hallmark’s summer TCA event, a new Hallmark Christmas movie for Ryan was announced. It’s called “Christmas at the Plaza”, and Ron Oliver (who has directed and written dozens of Hallmark movies) is currently writing it. No leading lady has been cast yet, but news is imminent. Filming begins in September.

Hallmark Facebook live

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Ryan stopped by Hallmark to do a Facebook live video chat with fans to talk about his upcoming movie “A Summer Romance”. Watch it below.

On location: A Summer Romance

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“A Summer Romance” premieres August 17th on Hallmark Channel.

A Summer Romance

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Ryan’s upcoming Hallmark movie “Dude Ranch” has changed its name to “A Summer Romance”. It will still air August 17 at 9 pm EST! Hallmark also released a longer plot synopsis, and some pictures.

Samantha “Sam” Walker (Krakow), is the owner of her family’s picturesque ranch in Bighorn, Montana and facing the difficult decision of selling her land to wealthy developers or risk losing it in foreclosure. When high-powered New York real estate developer Richard Belmont (Paevey) flies his private jet to Bighorn and arrives at the ranch to convince her to sell, he gets far more than expected after the airport shuts down for repairs and he’s forced to live at the ranch with Sam, her foreman Buck (Kevin O’Grady, “Homegrown Christmas”) and his family.

Everyone’s got to earn their keep on the ranch, so “city slicker” Richard soon finds himself feeding horses, milking cows and doing general chores around the house, but he’s also taken with the incredibly scenery and slower pace of life. Impressed by both his rugged good looks and willingness to embrace the country lifestyle, Sam takes a liking to Richard and hopes he’ll see just how important the ranch is to her.

Despite the budding romance that develops between them, the pressure on Richard from his colleagues to close the deal grows and threatens to undermine everything he’s come to love since arriving in Bighorn, especially when his company goes behind his back to force an agreement.