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Games People Play

Character: Bryce
Date: Spring 2019
Season 1, episode 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10
About: Vanessa King (Lauren London) is a basketball wife desperate to keep her family life together when a scandal threatens it. She runs into Bryce (Ryan), an old law school friend and they rekindle old sparks.


General Hospital


Character: Nathan West (James Nathan Reeves)
Date: December 30, 2013 – February 9, 2018
About: Nathan West comes to Port Charles looking to find the man who put his sister in a 20-year coma. Things get complicated when not only his own mother turns out to be the true culprit, but she’s really his aunt. All the while he’s falling in love with his roommate, Maxie Jones, despite her obnoxious, Australian boyfriend who he has a bad gut feeling about.


The Client List

clientlistCharacter: Simon
Year: 2013
Season 2, episode 10 – “What Part of No?”



Matching Hearts

Character: Daniel O’Connor
Date: February 8, 2020
About: As Valentine’s Day nears, matchmaker Julia (Taylor Cole) is tasked by her mentor to find a match for entrepreneur Daniel O’Connor who believes staying single is the key to success.


Christmas at the Plaza

Character: Nick Perrelli
Date: November 28, 2019
About: Jessica (Elizabeth Henstridge), an archival historian enmeshed in a declining romantic relationship, is hired to create an exhibition honoring the history of Christmas at The Plaza Hotel. There, she meets Nick, a handsome decorator who’s been commissioned to deck out the iconic landmark, and they’re paired to work together.

A Summer Romance

Character: Richard Belmont
Date: August 17, 2019
About: Samantha’s (Erin Krakow) Montana ranch is her family’s legacy, so when property developer Richard Belmont shows up to buy it, Sam isn’t interested. But as he tries to win her trust and her ranch, Sam finds he might also be winning her heart.

From Friend to Fiancé

Character: Ted Cooper
Date: May 25, 2019
About: Ted Cooper is a former chubby kid who’s about to marry the high school mean girl, Kimberly (Kelly Krueger). He asks his childhood best friend Jessica (Jocelyn Hudon) to plan the wedding. Will things go off without a hitch?

Hope at Christmas

Character: Mac
Date: November 20, 2018
About: Recently divorced, Sydney decides to spend Christmas in a house she inherited with her daughter. As Sydney begins to spend more time at the local bookstore, she meets a teacher, Mac, who also fills in for the town Santa. Mac tries to make Christmas wishes come true, and this year Sydney is at the top of his ‘nice’ list.

Marrying Mr. Darcy

Character: Donovan Darcy
Date: June 2, 2018
About: Donovan and Elizabeth (Cindy Busby) are blissfully happy and planning an autumn wedding. Donovan gets wrapped up in his work and increasingly unavailable to Elizabeth. Reminded yet again of their tremendous differences in background and temperament, Elizabeth can’t help but ask herself: should she marry Mr. Darcy?

Harvest Love

Character: Will Nash
Date: September 30, 2017
About: Luna (Jen Lilley), a widowed surgeon visits her family’s pear orchard in hopes of taking a break from her overbooked life and reconnecting with her distant son. She meets the farm manager, Will, who is growing a new hybrid pear and teaches her the importance of her heritage.

Locked In

Character: Draven
Date: August 19, 2017
About: Ever since her father was murdered, Taylor has had to take care of her agoraphobic mother, Ann Marie, and tend to the family farm. Ready to start her own life, she prepares to tell her mother that she is going to move away with her boyfriend Blake at the start of the new school year. However, her plans are put on hold when a looming storm threatens to destroy the farm. As she prepares for the storm, a stranger knocks on the door asking for a place to stay because he has run out of gas. Reluctant to trust the stranger, Taylor can’t help but believe he is connected to her father’s death. Now she must brave the storm while keeping her mother safe from this mysterious man.

Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Character: Donovan Darcy
Date: January 23, 2016
About: In this modern day spin on “Pride & Prejudice,” Elizabeth Scott (Cindy Busby), is fishing for direction in her life and gets the opportunity to professionally show her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in a fancy New York dog show. Dog show judge Donovan Darcy comes across as aristocratic and rude and a chain of misunderstandings unfold during the competition, complicating their mutual attraction. In true Jane Austen fashion, Elizabeth and Donovan begin to see the error of their ways and it turns out Mr. Darcy is far more kind and interesting than Elizabeth ever imagined.


Her Last (Customer of the) Day

Character: The stalker
Date: 2013
About: A barista gets a phone call from a concerned friend who has discovered a man popping up in their photos. The man shows up as she’s trying to close.
Genre: Short film | Thriller
Watch: YouTube video.

4 Dead Girls: The Soul Taker

Character: Jonathan
Date: 2012
About: Four girls who move into their first off-campus house only to find that the owner is a soul-eater.



Battle of The Network Stars


Date: August 17, 2017
About: Ryan competed in the revival of Battle of The Network Stars August 17, 2017 in the “TV Cops” category. On his team were Marisol Nichols, Roma Maffia, Adrian Zmed and Fred Dyer. They were competing against the “Sci-Fi Fantasy” team consisting of Lou Ferrigno, Vinnie Jones, Charisma Carpenter, Kevin Sorbo and Jill Wagner.



Christina Aguilera – Your Body


Year: 2012
Watch: Official YouTube video.

Toni Braxton – Hands Tied

Year: 2010
Watch: Official YouTube video.




Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy

Year: 2009
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“The Bachelorette Hot Tub”

Company: Clorox
Year: 2015
Watch: YouTube video.



“Flu + You PSA”

Company: The National Council on Aging
Year: 2014
Watch: YouTube video.



“Fab Found Fashion Show”

Company: Marshalls
Year: 2013
Watch: YouTube video.



“Lean But Mean Jalapeno Turkey Burger”

Company: Carl’s JR
Year: 2012
Watch: YouTube video.



“Brave New World”

Company: IZOD
Year: 2011
Watch: YouTube video.